2012 Financial Aid Seminar

Without financial aid, many students cannot afford higher education. The cost of college is at an all time high, but more and more, today's jobs require a 2 year or 4 year degree, at minimum. However, there are many middle class jobs that only require a 2 year degree. A four year education can be expensive; however a 2 year education at a local community college is not.

With the abundance of need based aid available, many students can even attend a local 2 year college for free if they choose to live at home and commute to school. After those first two years they can transfer to the 4 year school or enter the workforce if their major is in a high demand field.

At our recent financial aid seminar, we  educated our students and parents on the financial aid process.  We provided them with information to help them in making sure they take advantage of any financial aid dollars that are available to them. For our Senior Students we will advise them throughout the financial aid process to make sure they meet all deadlines and submit the proper information to the government and to the schools.

Though we prefer the 2+2 program (2 years at community college + 2 years at university) because it leaves the students with the least amount of debt, an elite student with a high GPA and great test scores may be able to assemble the scholarships and financial aid necessary to attend any school in the country. Some private ivy-league schools (such as Harvard) provide full financial aid awards for lower income students that are accepted to the school.